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Douglas Shaw
City Assessor

Office hours, Wednesday from 8am to 12pm
(date and time are subject to change)

(734) 676-3900 - EXT. 222
(734) 676-7509 (fax)
The City of Gibraltar has retained the services of WCA-Assessing, LLC and they are now servicing the City. Assessor Douglas Shaw has been assigned to the City of Gibraltar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are people measuring and photographing my house?

The City has recently approved a program to conduct an assessing re-inspection for residential property in Gibraltar. Part of updating the assessing department records requires an exterior measurement of the home as well as measurements of any improvement on the property. A photograph is taken for City records and for informational purposes. The photo will be extremely beneficial not only in assisting the assessing department, but also as a reference for taxpayers, realtors, and appraisers. The State requires the assessing department records to be as detailed and up to date as possible.

Will everything on my property be measured and inspected?

Yes, some items will be picked up as informational items only, but the State of Michigan requires any improvements, big or small, to be inspected and measured.

When will the results of this inspection appear on my tax bill?

If your home is visited in the year 2013, any discovered or omitted property will affect your 2014 summer and winter tax bill. The summer bill is usually first mailed out in July. Look for your assessment notice that is mailed out every year at the end of February to see how your assessed and taxable values are impacted.

When will I be able to see the results of this re-inspection?

If your property has been visited in 2013, expect to see the results and obtain a copy of your home’s record card by the end of February 2014 after assessment notices are received.

Do you need to go in my backyard?

Our inspector will be required to go into your backyard for their inspection. They will first knock at the door; if no answer they will start measuring the front of the home and make their way into the backyard. A business card will be left if our inspector's are unable to fully inspect the property, please call our office if a card is left.

Do you need to come inside my home?

No inspector will be inside your home during this inspection. Everything we need to see will be able to be reviewed on the exterior basis only. The inspector's may have questions about how the interior structure of the home is made up, so please cooperate as much as possible. If a card is left, please call the Assessor's Office.

How will I identify City employees?

The inspector's will have clearly marked identification badges, and typically will be carrying a clipboard and tape measure. If further identification is needed, please don't hesitate to call the City office (734) 676-3900 to verify the area in which area the inspector's are currently working.

What do I do if a card is left on my door?

There are a number of different reasons the card has been left, so please call our office to help further assist the ongoing project.

What if I have made no changes to my property since it was purchased?

Though you may have not made changes to the property since you purchased it, our records may still require updating. Some of the properties have not been visited since they were originally built.

How can you assess for something that isn't attached to my home?

It is a commonly believed that if a porch and/or deck are not touching the home, it cannot be taxed. This is a complete misconception. All structures in question need to be properly inspected if they are contributing to the home's overall value and therefore assessed.

What is going to add value to the assessment and what isn't?

General maintenance items such as new gutters, roof, windows, siding etc are not assessable items. The lead contributors to an increased assessment include but are not limited to: discovery of air conditioning, decks, porches, sheds, additions, garages, carports, in-ground pools, and barns.

Does this have anything to do with my principal residence exemption?

No, this inspection will in no way affect your principal residence status.

Is there any way to protest the inspection and/or what is found?

Every year at the end of February a notice of assessment is mailed to every property in the City of Gibraltar (The form says THIS IS NOT A BILL at the top.) Once it is received please review the information provided. A list of dates and times to protest at the local March Board of Review will be included. Failure to receive the notice does not invalidate assessed and taxable values so please call our office by the end of February if you have not received your assessment notice. The March Board of Review is the only time a taxpayer can appeal their residential home values, if it is missed the taxpayer forfeits their rights to appeal their values for the remainder for the year.

Request to Rescind/Withdraw Exemption
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