Zoning Board
Gibraltar City Hall
29450 Munro Ave
Gibraltar, MI 48173
(734) 676-3900 voice

Office hours 8am-4pm Monday/Friday


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The Gibraltar Master Plan was completed in 2002, culminating a one-year planning process. This Plan has been designed to guide development and redevelopment in the City of Gibraltar during the next 10 to 20 years. The Master Plan contains analyses and recommendations regarding population, housing, economic development, community and recreation resources, transportation, and future land use patterns.

The planning process provided several opportunities for input and participation of City residents. A Visioning Workshop occurred in March of 2001 and was attended by numerous City residents. A Community Survey was hand-delivered by City officials to every City household, with numerous responses returned to the City for tabulation. Finally, the Planning Commission discussed Master Plan preparation and progress at several regular meetings, all of which were open to the public, and several of which were attended by interested citizens. This was supplemented in by additional public input at the Planning Commission's required public hearing.

The Master Plan builds on the features that residents find most appealing - the Cities small town atmosphere, with emphasis the dual goals of providing for appropriate nonresidential development and protecting residential development, while preserving open spaces, woodlands, wetlands and other natural resources. This Master Plan is designed to allow development and redevelopment to meet current and future needs, while preserving open space and natural features.




Zoning Board of Appeals Application

1. Obtain copies of appeal form at the building department.
2. Fill out the form completely and include seven (7) copies of the plot plan and elevations prepared in accordance with the following requirements:
•A scale of not less than 1" = 20 ft.
•The location and size of all existing and proposed structures. Show all overhangs, cornices, porches, fences and walls.
•The location of all drives, approaches and parking layouts.
•The dimensions of all lot and property lines showing relationships of subject property to abutting property and structures.
•Show right-of-way widths of all abutting streets and alleys.
•The date of preparation and the north point.
•The name, address, seal of the licensed surveyor preparing the plan.
3. Return completed form along with seven (7) copies of plans and with appropriate fee. Plans for Commercial appeals must also be sealed.
4. When the application is filed and the fee is paid, a case number is designated.
Applications for an appeal must be received at least twenty (20) business days before the next regular meeting date.
At the time of the public hearing the appellant or designated part must appear to present the appeal. If appellant is other than the owner, he must have written consent of the owner make the presentation before the Board.
All property owners registered on the tax roll within three hundred (300) feet of the affected property will be notified by mail of the appeal.
5. At the time of the public hearing, the Zoning Board of Appeals will hear any arguments for or against the proposed request, and may either grant or deny the request. When an appeal is granted there will be a five (5) day waiting period before the appeal becomes final. 
•In the event an appeal involves a waiver of front, side or rear yard, relationship of existing building on adjacent properties shall be shown on a plot plan which may be drawn to scale of 1" = 50 feet. On waivers of lot coverage, computation of lot and building area shall be shown.
•In all instances, a building, sign, occupancy or user permit must be issued to validate an appeal that has been favourable to the appellant.
•In the event your appeal is tabled, a new revised planned any amendments to the original appeal must be in this office not later than the seven (7) days preceding the tabled meeting date.
NOTE: Signs. With respect to appeals regarding signs, in addition to the information contained in (a) through (g), it will be necessary that an accurately dimensioned plan and rendering of the sign(s) be provided.
Form provided to assist the applicant in presenting a zoning variance. The ZBA may not grant the variance request unless the applicant proves that the four (4) questions on the attached page are the facts and the conditions that exist. 


Regular meetings of the Zoning Board of appeals are held the last Tuesday of each month.
(subject to change due to holidays, etc).